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Join MUSK today for free to share with our online beauty community. You can use MUSK with trust, we are not a cosmetics products store and we DO NOT sell products. For the benefits of the MUSK community, we only welcome honest and genuine reviews.

Let us help you find the right beauty products for you, and yes I mean you personally

With thousands of popular beauty products listed, we can give you access to genuine users’ reviews and at the same time help you find the right beauty products for you based on your skin concerns.


Discover the right product for you via a user friendly interface

A clean and intuitive interface design to help you navigate through the app and find what you need.

Empower via sharing, you can be a Key Opinion Leader too

Have a great beauty product to recommend others? Or an awful one to ask people to stay away from? MUSK is the platform for you to share your honest opinions.


Have an uneven skin complexion and not sure what beauty products to pick? What works great on someone else’s skin may not have the same effect on you? We can help you identify products that are personalized for you based on your skin concerns.

Access to over thousands of beauty products with product descriptions and tags for you to easily understand the characteristics of each product and user ratings/reviews for you to share your thoughts with other users

You can save your favourite products or comments/replies for your easy reference

At MUSK you can easily see what beauty products are trending or which ones are suitable for your skin. You can also change your profile information at any time including your skin concerns. MUSK is also available in both English and Traditional Chinese


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We understand you may have a lot of considerations when choosing the right beauty product and what a KOL promotes may not be what is suitable for you. Therefore, we aim to provide a neutral platform for the online community to share their thoughts on beauty products so MUSK users can help each other through honest reviews. At the same time, we also help you discover a personalized selection of beauty products based on your skin concerns so as to help you make a decision on beauty products that are truly suitable for you.

Currently users are not allowed to amend/delete posted comments/replies, this can only be done by admin. However if you feel that you would want a specific comment/reply to be amended/deleted please write to us at info@musk-beauty.com with your request and we will review.

If the brand/product you search returns nothing (i.e. it’s not listed on MUSK app), there will be an Add Product button which you can click and it will bring you to a form for you to fill in the brand/product that you would like to add. We will then review the request and add the product to the app accordingly.

MUSK will review comments/replies posted on the app and if a posted comment/reply is deemed to be inappropriate/offensive or jeopardize the neutrality or trustworthiness of the app, we may remove it.

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